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Welcome to my world, kinda scary in here at times but it's all I've got. I'm thinking I may use this space to rant about things I hate since that always makes me feel better. Or just toss out some random facts that nobody really cares about but I seem to know anyway. Check back for who knows what soon.

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Monday, 26 May 2008 10:02
Like my co-hosts I honor those who came before and gave all to the service of their country and I would ask that all of you do the same. Also remember those who served and continue to serve because they bring honor to themselves. I come from a family of military from my Father who served in Vietanam and had a distinguished career to my Uncles who also saw action in Vietnam to my Grandfather who served in the Pacific in WWII and also my Brother who spent 12 months in the desert. I myself followed the family trend and served 4 years although I did nothing when compared to the rest of my family. The saying goes that " All gave some, but Some gave all ". Remember those that paid the ultimate price and also those that survived but still paid for their service.
Its What Time?
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Friday, 23 May 2008 04:26
So I guess you can't take the boy out of the man and when the wife's away the husband will play. I don't mean some sorted tale of debauchery involving booze, hookers, a bowl of cocaine and a donkey either. My wife had to go out of town to deal with a family emergency leaving me at home alone for a few days. Now much of that time was spent working and since I work nights that go about 13 hours it didnt leave much time at home by myself. It did give me one glorious day with the house by myself with nothing to do but what caught my fancy. Thats not to say that I don't enjoy my time with my wife or that she makes me do horrid things ( well sometimes ). I love my wife and she pushes me to get done what need to be, but it is nice to, every now and again, have some time to ones self. So in true man-boy fashion I sat down in front of my X-box 360 and started playing Call of Duty 4 (COD4). I started at about 6 pm after I had gotten up ( I worked the night before) and after I had attended to the needs of the dog and myself. A few freinds joined me and we played untill about 10:30 when they all bailed to go to bed, but I had to work the next night so I was staying up to prep by sleeping the next day. My game play took me until 7am the next morning, yes thats right, 7 am, a total of about 13 hours with only a dinner break mixed in. I know it's not something a grown man is supposed to do but with life having demands that would normally take away most of that time it was fun to be able to just say "fuck it, I'm gunna play all night"
Power Vs MPG
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Thursday, 15 May 2008 05:44
These damn people are killing me. I am a huge fan of big horsepower and fast cars but the price of gas is making it harder and harder to justify my desire to purchase a fast new car. I am a person that doesn't tend to keep a car for more than 3 years, I pay them off and trade them in. It is time soon for a new car and I have begun my research ( I can spend months on this). I have been interested in something in the area of 300 HP and have looked at numerous models that fit the bill but these vehicles all top out at about a 20 or 21 MPG average. I have a commute of about 45 miles one way to work so gas is a large part of my budget thus making my descision harder. There are some cool technologies on the horizon like Ford's direct injection Turbo engines that claim a V-6 perfomance out of a 4 cylinder with good gas milelage. As far as I'm concerned this situations sucks donkey dong because I finally can afford a nice fast car but maybe not the gas to power it. The oil and car companies should rot in hell for delaying new tech from coming forth. BURN EM DOWN I SAY!!!!!! I will let you all know how it turns out.
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