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Episode 166...10 Bizarre Sex World Records
Written by Andy   
Saturday, 24 July 2010 20:43


As always more odd and useless facts about sex and the human condition. To hear the full stories tune into Episode 166 for all the horny jerking off details and the commentary that follows. Good day!

1) World's Largest Penis – 13.5 in

2) World's Largest Vagina – 19 in

3) World's Most Prolific Mother (69 babies)

4) World's Biggest Distance for a Jet of Semen – 18 ft

5) World's Oldest Prostitute – 82-year-old

6) World's Biggest Orgy – 250 couples

7) World's Biggest Gang Bang – 919 guys in the same day

8) World's Longest Man Masturbation – 10 hours

9) World's Strongest Vagina - lifts 31 lbs with her vagina

10) World's Oldest Father – 90-year-old

Teacher Sex Countdown, 36 and 35
Written by Andy   
Friday, 23 July 2010 01:12


Number 36 Christine Brown Jouini was an 11th- and 12th-grade teacher at the Center Academy in Coral Springs, FL, a small private school which bills itself as a "college prep environment for students who have fallen behind or who want to get ahead." She was arrested in June of 2008, after police say she engaged in a year-long affair with a 16-year-old male student from June 2006 to September 2007. Police say the student stayed with Jouini at her apartment "virtually every day," where she told her neighbors he was her brother. The boy told police he had sex with Jouini "over 100 times." She was charged with three counts of unlawful sexual activity upon her arrest. Upon further investigation, she was charged with a fourth count in July of 2008. She pleaded not guilty to all charges, and remains free on bail.


Number 35 Lindsay Massaro was a student teacher at Frankford Elementary School. She was arrested in April 2009 for allegedly engaging in a sexual relationship with a middle school student. According to the Sussex County prosecutors office, Massaro had "committed acts of sexual penetration, and sexual contact with the intimate parts of a minor male." Massaro admitted to investigators that she had commited sex acts on the boy in her car, as well as in her home. Police became aware of Massaro after the boy's father reported there was an "ongoing" relationship between the two. In June 2009, she applied for a pre-trial intervention program, often the first step in receiving a plea agreement.

Its about time somebody celebrated Pussy in a music video....
Written by Andy   
Friday, 23 July 2010 00:40



Well it took me a little time, but I did manage to find the uncensored Rammstein "Pussy" video. I have posted a link for your enjoyment. This video is very very very NSFW. Watch it in the privacy of your own home and with your favorite lucky towel of you're choice. Sarah Palin watched this video prior to the Vice Presidential debates and couldn't wait to tell Joe Biden how she felt after seeing it. Enjoy the video you fucking sickos!


Episode 165...More Nasty Horny Moms.
Written by Andy   
Thursday, 22 July 2010 17:19


Yet another set of Mothers who need it so bad that they are willing to get it from those that are not even of age. The first story is of Cathleen Miller from Illinois. She was charged with having sex with four count them four teenage boys. How did she get caught you ask? One of the boys posted an apology on the facebook page of the Mother's Daughter who had happened to  walk in on them. Oops! I said I would post a pic of the dude that was also in my story, but I don't know who is he in relation to the story so I wont bother. However while researching some info for the story I came across another story of a horny mom and this one may be worse then the last one. Donna Andree who is from the great state of Florida was having sex with a teen while her 15 year old Daughter was in the room along with a 14 year old friend of hers. Mother of the year Donna was caught when her husband caught her and the boy naked in bed. The husband called the cops and when they arrested her she claimed she thought the kid was 19. Tell it to the judge sister.

                                                                    Cathleen Miller


Donna Andree

Teacher Sex Countdown, 38 and 37
Written by Andy   
Sunday, 18 July 2010 19:37


Number 38 Carrie O' Connor a 33-year-old school counselor in Mount Vernon, GA was arrested in August of 2007 for sexual assault against a 16-year-old student. However, the student came forward with charges well before her arrest, telling a teacher and a probation officer of the incident in March of that year. However, O'Connor's mother, Dale Clark, was the Montgomery County superintendent. It was alleged that Clark used her influence to protect O'Connor during the four-month long investigation before her arrest, including sending the male student to an alternative school while O'Connor kept her original counseling position at the high school. In September of 2007, both Carrie O'Connor and her mother Dale Clark had their credentials revoked by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission. O'Connor was later cleared of criminal charges due to lack of evidence to substantiate the victim's claims. However, another teacher at the school, Christopher Bowman, filed suit against the Montgomery Board of Education, alleging that he was fired by Dale Clark due to reporting the accusations.


Number 37 Teresa Engelbach was a substitute teacher and volunteer track coach at Senn-Thomas Middle School who was arrested in November of 2007 after charges that she had sexual intercourse in multiple locations over a two month period wih a 14-year-old student, a friend of Engelbach's brother. According to authorities, she also bought the boy various gifts, including a cell phone, items of clothing, and a paintball gun worth $750. She initially pleaded not guilty to the charges, but in March of 2008 entered a guilty plea to one felony count of second-degree statutory rape and one misdemeanor account of of sexual misconduct. She was sentenced to two years of probation, and required to register as a sex offender.


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