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Andy's mistress....
Written by Andy   
Wednesday, 04 June 2008 07:33


So what will Andy be doing on his day off? I'm thinking I may spend the day playing X-box and beating prostate cancer. Not sure what I mean? You will have to listen to all the shows to figure it out. Much to my dismay I doubt I will be partaking in video games and beating myself up. (Below the waist of course). It appears as though I will have company. My wife will be joining me. She has the day off. I know it seems selfish but I desire my alone time more then anything else. I'm at the point that I'm always around people and it drives me nuts. At this point you could drop me in a room full of whores and a fist full of eat here for free coupons and I'd be looking for the exit. Don’t get me wrong I love my wife but I love my solitude just as much. If I could have a mistress her name would be all alone. I would spend my all alone time, well all alone. I would do everything all alone. Sometimes you just can’t beat being all alone.  Anyways gotta go I don’t want my wife to catch me all alone and naked. Naked is my other mistress. Andy


Cops, Guns and Dreadlocks = negligent discharge
Written by Andy   
Friday, 30 May 2008 04:49


In episode 38 we were discussing the story of the Police officer that had a negligent discharge of his firearm. The whole thing was rather comical. I said I would post the link for the video since I'm sure not everybody has seen it. Now with that being said let me also say that we here at the show are supporters of Law Enforcement, except for Bill he’s a felon! Just kidding. This nimrods actions should not be construed as a generalization of all folks that handle firearms. Believe me we know a thing or two about firearms and how when one becomes complacent or cocky what the end results can be. So without further ado......


Hi I'm Andy and I'm addicted to Blackberry
Written by Andy   
Thursday, 29 May 2008 06:15


So last month I got rid of my old cell phone service and went with a new one. The service I had was costing me a fortune and me being the networking fool that I am cant stand to be out of touch. My wife makes the change without me knowing till the last possible moment. I suspect her plan was to separate me from all my "Lady" friends. Ha! Jokes on you I have those numbers stashed away. Anyways moving on... We ended up getting new Black Berry phones and let me be the first to say I fucking love my phone! Never mind that it has some pretty cool features and it has some standard features like the net and yahoo/AOL but it has a feature that has changed my world. Black Berry Messenger. The greatest invention  ever created ...well just short of breast implants. oh and some crazy invention to put dudes in space. Whatever! So the other night I was at work bored out of my tree and I went to  The site allows you to download free stuff, ringers and wallpapers and crap you don't really need. It also has a forum section. So I was checking out this area, when I saw threads titled whats your PIN and lets chat blah blah blah.So I'm reading on only to discover that Blackberry has a messenger service that allows all Blackberry Owners to talk to one another, regardless of who your carrier is. Out Fucking Standing ! Andy has found another means to network. So the premise of this is you get somebody's PIN number that every phone has and send a request and Boom Your in....Maybe.


So I decided to try it out and started sending out Friends request. A short while later and now 30 friends deep I was chatting till the wee hours of the morning. The messenger also allows you to send pics and voice messages. (that will be handy...and will get me into trouble). So to wrap this story up if your looking for a phone might I recommend Blackberry. I personally love the phone. Brent has the same type he digs it. Bill would get one but he cant be bothered to answer the one he has now. Brent and I are trying to figure out how we can use this modern technology to our advantage for the show. So stay tuned for more on that and as for my wife who changed my phone number and tried to hide me from the world. You have opened up Pandora's box and have unleashed the networking monster that is your husband. Love you for it. Any other bright ideas?  BLLLLAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 AndyTongue out

Blackberry PIN 31996430

Memorial Day
Written by Andy   
Monday, 26 May 2008 01:12


Happy Memorial Day everybody. Please take a moment to remember those that have sacrificed something or everything so that we may live in the greatest country on earth. Thanks to everybody for their support of the show




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Is war the but its a good start
Written by Andy   
Friday, 16 May 2008 03:23
Ok So it’s that time again. So I was tooling through Myspace the other day and I came across one of those anti-war videos. I just don't know what it is that sets me on end when I subject myself to watching them but the damage is done. I try to keep an open mind and hear people out but I have to say the no blood for oil argument is getting pretty old. Why does it seem the vast majority or anti war protesters are out on cloud nine? The kids who protests seem to protests just for the sake of it. They use big words in their argument to appear to be smarter but the truth is they have no clue. They get their information from the Left and move and call it gospel. Also it seems like the antiwar-munchies are also the same ones who attend every environmental or G-8 summit and start riots an cause trouble. Why is that? Look I don't have an issue with somebody having an opinion I really don't but if it’s not factual then prepare to be stomped on. I know people call fox news the mouth piece of the right but here's the difference between Fox and ABC, NBC and CBS. They for the most part tell both sides of the story. It always appears its one side with the other stations. Neither here nor there. I just don't understand why people don't understand that there are people out there that want to kill us. Do they think that all the bad people will go away if we bring our troops home from all four corners of the Earth? A few weeks ago I saw a bumper sticker that said war is never the answer. Can we print up a million of those stickers and drop them on Iran or perhaps North Korea? Do you think they have the same regard for life as us? So I ask this question when is war the answer? When are you allowed to make country's responsible for their actions? When is it ok to say stop strapping explosives to your kids and sending them into cafes? So please pretty please with cherry's on top stop blowing our buildings up, plotting to blow up our aircraft, poison our water supply, use a small thermo nuclear device against us or try to kill my kids. That would mean the world to me. As anybody in uniform service would tell you "Nobody hates war more then those that have to fight it" If 95% think its justified I have to think perhaps they know something that we don't. Peace out Andy
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