Episode 359 Greece is Broke!
Written by Brent   
Thursday, 09 July 2015 04:23

Listen Now! I think we said before we started to record "we're not going to talk about Greece too much". Ya well that was a good idea that didn't play out like we planned. We also talked about the militant gays and why they make Bill angry. Be sure to check our blogs there is some new stuff in there, show related! Thanks for listening

Episode 358 Urban Dictionary
Written by Brent   
Thursday, 18 June 2015 02:20

Listen Now! Welcome to episode 358!! The staff is running short handed this evening but they managed to poop out a show! Tonight's topics include Donald Trump running for president and some graphic Urban Dictionary items. We also cover a couple of emails/voicemails before departing and leaving you until next time. Thanks for tuning in!!

Episode 357 Shooting Yourself in the Foot!
Written by Brent   
Friday, 12 June 2015 04:08

Listen Now! You ever wonder what it's like to shoot yourself in the foot? Me neither but Mel has a story about man who wondered how it would feel so he tried it.... Not once but twice!! Brent wants Mel's input about the gay community and Bill is just along for the ride. Thanks for tuning in!

Episode 356 Google It!!
Written by Brent   
Friday, 29 May 2015 00:11

Listen Now! We certainly spent a crap load of time Googling various things. It made us realize just how often we rely on "looking stuff up" these days. Tonight we talk about a selfie gone bad, how does this happen in 2015, and what would happen if the world stopped spinning. We also had quite a few emails to cover. Thanks for tuning in and thanks for all the emails guys/gals!

Episode 355 Mixed Bag
Written by Brent   
Friday, 08 May 2015 23:27

Listen Now! Two weeks in a row? It has to be a mistake or did we screw up? We've screwed up the schedule so much lately we can't tell if we were suppose to show up this week or not. Oh well, we're here and the record button was pushed, this was the result. Tonight on the show: News story lottery with Mel, knuckle heads in the news, and a crap ton of banter to go around. Thanks for tuning in. Will we show up next week? Damned if we know, stay tuned!

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