Episode 380 Harry Potter in Rehab
Written by Brent   
Thursday, 07 July 2016 09:09

Listen Now! Welcome to this week's edition of the NH After Hours Show! This week's show includes topics ranging from Mel's cat wanting to kill her (even though she won't face the facts) to Harry Potter going to rehab. Come join us, it's free!

Episode 379 Bodily Functions
Written by Brent   
Saturday, 02 July 2016 10:48

Listen Now! Well here we are. Bill still has a broken club foot and thus we are able to record again. We start off the show discussing bodily functions. Why? Who the hell knows. We move on from there and talk briefly about the terrorist attack in Turkey and the Brexit. Thanks for tuning in.

Episode 378 Anger!
Written by Brent   
Wednesday, 22 June 2016 02:39

Listen Now! Welcome to another edition of the NH After Hours Show! On tonight's show we start off with Brent and his illogical anger towards the weather. We then jump right into gun rights/laws. We said we wouldn't but with all the news centering around it lately we kind of had no choice. We try to discuss it from "the other side's" point of view. Thanks for downloading and listening, see you all next week!

Episode 377 Orlando
Written by Brent   
Thursday, 16 June 2016 03:17

Listen Now! Our first episode since the terrorist attack in Orlando. It only makes sense we cover it. We also discuss the little boy who was killed by an alligator at Disney. Not a very upbeat episode but we do our best to keep the show normal as possible. Thanks for tuning in!

Episode 376 Anklecast
Written by Brent   
Tuesday, 07 June 2016 20:53

Listen Now! Two of us walked to our designated recording places, the third did not. He hobbled to his chair. Broken ankle! Ouch. We hear all about it and so can you. Join us for a conversation as we hang out and chat. Too many topics to list here. Thanks for downloading!

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